You Do Not Have To Suffer In Silence

Just Because They Will Not Understand,
Does Not Means, Your Sufferings Arent Real!

There Is No Standard Normal.
Normal Is Subjective.
There Are Seven Billion Versions Of Normal On This Planet.


Communicating is an integral part of us human beings. And as we all will agree that it is not just about the words we speak, it is fulfilled when we are rather “Heard”. In today’s time when our life is pacing with the speed of light, we are somewhere losing the time to be there for each other. It is getting difficult to find someone to rely upon even when we are surrounded by so many people.

Our story to pave the way for mental health started in the most mundane manner, four friends, sitting together, discussing their own lives, craving to be their bosses, and yes, engineers! It all started when all of us realized what a blessing to be heard and the process of venting out became a necessity, for not only the big issues but also for the petty ones. It was when we acknowledged our need for venting and realizing how simple yet necessary it is for one and all to be able to do the same. But what if people do not have the same comfort or in most of the cases fear of judgment? Not only this, we had another major issue to overcome which was the stigmas related to mental health in society and the lack of awareness amongst people about its importance.

Our Mind is the place we live in, and thus it needs to be cleansed from time to time. By the means of Outscape, we are not only trying to provide a platform for the people to come out of their closet to accept the need to acknowledge the needs of their mental health but also for the professionals in the field of psychology who have led their careers in hopelessness. We are determined to bridge the gap between the service provider and the service taker. With this initiative of Outscape, we are hoping to create a world where everyone can talk about their mental health as freely as they talk about their sports injuries. 



Our Mission is to create awareness among the masses regarding the importance of mental well-being and putting an end to the stigma associated with visiting a healthcare professional.

Educating society about something that has been a taboo in our “Modern Society” is one of the tasks that we’ve taken upon us and we wish to achieve it by means of the platform we have created in the name of OUTSCAPE .

Belonging to a tech-enabled and tech-literate generation fuels our spirit even more and we believe that we can bring a change in an orthodox society that is our India.

We envision a world where every individual has the comfort and opportunity of being heard.

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