The World Breaks Everyone
And Afterwards,
Many Of Us Become Strong
At The Broken Places.

When You Keep Quite, Stigma Wins

When To Seek Professional Help?

You Feel Like Nothing In Your Life Is Going Right.

There Comes Times When You Cannot Make Sense Of Anything That Is Going Around You

You Feel Like Nobody Loves You.

There Are Times When You Feel Like You Are Unworthy Of Giving And Receiving Love.

You Feel Less Motivated With Every Passing Day

When You Don’t Feel Like Even Doing The Things That Used To Interest You The Most

Your Sleep And/Or Appetite Has Changed

When You Notice Drastically Increased Or Decreased Sleeping And Habits

You Feel Like Sadness Has Become A Part Of You

When You Feel Like You Are Incapable Of Seeing The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

You Are Overwhelmed With Everything Around

When You Feel Like Even The Smallest Changes In Life Seems Too Much To Handle

Why You Should Seek Professional Help?


Trusted & Safe Environment


Improve Quality Of Your Life


Know Yourself Better


Better Manage Your Relationships

About Us

Our Mission is to create awareness among the masses regarding the importance of mental well-being.

Educating society about something that has been a taboo in our “Modern Society” is one of the tasks that we’ve taken upon us.

How Can We Help You?


Find the right psychologist with us. You do not have to suffer in silence.





For the times when all you need is to be heard, Vent It Out to a certified listener.




You’re never alone in your journey through mental pain. Join a group of people who go through the same.


Happy Clients

Till Now, We Have Successfully Helped Many People Explore Themselves And Improve Their Quality Of Life Via Our Services

Initially, I was not sure if I wanted to go for therapy. i wasnt sure my family will understand it, or will allow me, but the support from the Outscape team, helped me gather courage to become my best version.
Muskan Soni
Therapy is a taboo in our society. I was suffering from a very long time but I was not sure what the society will say, but one day I decided to change my life and gladly found Outscape to my rescue.
Their motto is Lets' Talk About It, and personally I cannot even stress it enough how important it is for one to start talking about their thoughts, emotions and feelings. Thank You Outscape for helping me in my battle against Anxiety Disorder.
Satya naresh

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